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    Safe To Say Jacquian Williams Is The Best LB Ever...

    Drafted in the Jerry Reese era.

    Was just going over some of the LB prospects in this years draft. It got me thinking about all the LB's the Giants have drafted and where they are now concerning the 2013 roster.

    2007: DeOssie (4th round)
    2008: Bryan Kehl (4th round), Jon Goff (5th round)
    2009: Clint Sintim (2nd round)
    2010: Phillip Dillard (4th round)
    2011: Greg Jones (6th round), Jacquian Williams (6th round)
    2012: N/A

    The only two available are DeOssie and Williams and we all know Zak is primarily used on ST's and as the LS.

    The Giants have a lot of needs this year in the draft. In the past, the Giants didn't appear to place high value on LB's....with the way the Redskins and Eagles are generating a lot of speed on offense with new looks, schemes and such....do you see a different value being placed on the way the Giants approach the line-backing position this year regarding the draft?

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    obviously with these new offenses speed will be essential when developing a defense against them!

    i would think faster linebackers and d-ends will be drafted just to counter this pistol offense!

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    You could have just stopped at ever. I'm sure there would be a large contingent to agree with you there.

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    yes.. and that is one sad list.

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    Besides Clint Sintim the Giants haven't drafted a LB earlier than the 4th round. I was really high on Sintim that year too but scheme wise, he didn't fit well. Would've have been better if the Giants used him like pass rusher like the Broncos do with Miller.

    Being that 2007 isn't that far away...it's kind of sad that the Giants only have 1 LB left who actually plays the position. And a 6th rounder at that.

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    Low praise indeed! lol
    No one remembers who came in second.

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    Ogletree and jaquain in the nickel = speed to the max

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    We haven't drafted a solid linebacker since Jessie Armstead.
    That was 1993 folks...

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    wow I forgot about Dillard.

    Where's that guy who always called him 'dill pickle' at ?

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    When I hear "Best LB of the Reese Era" I think "Best Barry Manilow Song."
    “Losers assemble in little groups and complain about the coaches and the players in other little groups, but winners assemble as a team,”

    - Emlen Tunnell

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