I say package up a deal to trade Smith a #2 and 5 for Braylon. Thats right Steve Smith. I would rather keep Hixon who is more valuable than Steve Smith due too him being a Pro Bowl type return man. The truth is guys we are wasting him by playing WR every down. He needs to return punts and kickoffs and be on special teams as well as a third down receiver as well as coming in on 3 or 4 side packages. He is the best in the league right now on returning kicks and we are wasting him every down at WR. Besides this gives Moss some reps. I say if Cleveland wants Smith so be it as we need to trade someone good to get a #1 receiver.
After spending some time looking at all the WR in this draft and where the Giants pick at #1 and there 2 #2 picks they can end up drafting Kenny Britt at 29 and Robinskie with their other second round pick. These guys clearer are #1 and #2 type big time receivers in the making. Check out the Daily news article today on Kenny Britt. The dude can play.

Thoughts ?

Braylon Edwards
Britt http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/fo...t_mister_.html
Hixon- Special Teams and WR