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    Markus Kuhn Aims For Strong 2013 Return


    "For two months, Markus Kuhn was living the dream.

    The German-born defensive tackle and the Giants’ seventh-round draft pick made the roster as a 26-year-old rookie and immediately earned time on the field. He notched his first start in Week 5 against Cleveland as the Giants jumped out to a 6-2 start, but then November hit. In the middle of 31-13 loss to Cincinnati, the Giants’ second straight defeat, on a routine play, Kuhn felt something pop in his knee.

    It was the ACL and required season-ending knee surgery. Three months later, Kuhn was up and around at the Timex Performance Center.

    “I’m finally off my crutches, which is huge for me because just walking on the crutches all the time got obviously annoying,” Kuhn recently told Giants.com. “But now I’m walking just fine. I’m doing really well with my rehab, and things are going actually a lot better and smoother than I thought they would be.”


    It was the first injury serious enough for the North Carolina State product to miss an extended amount of time.

    “Now having a serious injury and having gone through all the long rehab process is something new and definitely something I’d rather not do, but it is what it is,” he said. “I’m making the best out of it right now and it’s getting a lot better already.”

    Kuhn played in all 10 games before he went down, recording eight tackles and four passes defensed while also playing a role on special teams. After not taking up the sport until age 15 in Germany, Kuhn soaked up all the knowledge he could in his abbreviated rookie campaign from coaches and veteran teammates.

    He said he has a better gauge for the speed of the game now and knows where he has to improve heading into 2013. “I think what I have to work on is becoming a better pass rusher, which is important in the league,” Kuhn said. “And also from a defensive tackle standpoint as well, if you can stop the run, sure, that’s your number one responsibility, but then transform from run into pass and rush the passer.”
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    Hopefully he's healthy for training camp, would love to see what he could do as a rotational player again.

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    Yeah, I actually like Markus Kuhn, I believe that was a solid 7th round pick. Hopefully he will be healthy for training camp, and comeback full speed.

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    The Germinator , Follow me if u want to vin

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    Just wish he was younger. Unfortunate that he will be 27 heading into his 2nd season.

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    solid role player

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    Interested to see how he plays coming off his first serious injury..

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    I hope he can recover and play even better than he did in 2012... he was a welcome addition. Plus I still want to eventually make a Germanator photoshop someday and I need him to play well to do that...

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    26 years old already. Would be nice if he developed pretty quickly for his sake and the team's.
    I wish him luck.....
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    THis is one of the guys i was saying i think Jerry Reese had in mind when he cut the players he did last wk... He kinda has a Canty esque feel to em, as far as long and can bat passes down(4passes defended), and has the frame to add a few more lb's, and with his motor, possibly become a quality starter, with ability to stop the run, and bat passes down, and garner occasional pass rush up the middle.. Hes got a solid skill set...

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