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    Comparing music and football is like and football.
    Who compared music and football? Would you share what you're smoking?

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    Are Indy colts fans bragging about all of their teams nfl and Super Bowl championships when they were in Baltimore? I highly doubt it. If they are then they are extremely stupid.
    I don't care about the Colts, and they only came along in the 1950s anyway.

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    So how far back are you allowed to go? Cubs fans are really bragging about that World Series ring they got over 100 years ago, right? How bout the Red Sox, in 86 years they weren't thumping their chest about the 1918 World Series championship were they?
    The Yankees always brag about having 27 World Championships. The first one came in 1923. Their first dynasty came in the 1920s with Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. So I guess that shouldn't be part of their history anymore, since it was so long ago and the team with the best standing won the pennant.

    Attention Yankee fans: GentleGiant thinks those old World Series shouldn't count. The Yankees now have 7 world championships (the ones from the institution of a playoff system in 1969 onward) -- 77, 78, 96, 98, 99, 2000, 09. Not 27. Those old ones and all that history and legacy are now erased. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Bera, Mickey Mantle, just forget they existed because GentleGiant said so.

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    are the buffalo bills hanging on to those 2 AFL championships? how bout the houston oilers/titans? the dallas texans/kc cheifs won 3 AFL championships...why aren't those ever mentioned. did the AFL not count?
    Already answered. The AFL only existed starting in 1960. They merged into the NFL. They only awarded 6 stand-alone championships, not 46 like the NFL.

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    so the packers are allowed to claim the 1930 nfl championship? here were the teams in the league:

    ny giants
    chicago bears
    brooklyn dodgers
    providence steam roller
    staten island stapeltons
    chicago cardinals
    portsmith spartans
    frankford yellow jackets
    minneapolis red jackets
    newark tornados!

    yup, lets tout that accomplishment!!!
    And your vaunted Steelers came around in 1933, as did the Eagles, and quite a few of the other teams that are still around today.

    And in 1923, the American League included the Washington Senators, St. Louis Browns, and Philadelphia Athletics. Are championships subject to being voided because the league looked different?

    The same thing happened in the early NBA and NHL. Tell me which of those championships don't count.

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    bottom line, the only era that counts is the super bowl era! i'm not saying that because the steelers have the most championships, i'm saying that because we are so far removed from 1929, 1930, 31, 36, 39, 44, etc...
    I feel pretty far removed from 1974 and 1975. Whoops, the Steelers just lost two championships! I can't relate to 1971, sorry Tom Landry, you just lost one tool. 1968, come on man, man hadn't even walked on the moon, I can't relate to it. The Jets no longer beat the Colts and their championship doesn't count. Wheee! Come to think of it, we no longer walked on the moon because I can't relate to 1969. This is fun.

    We don't do it in any other sport. Why football?

    Or, please tell me where this mysterious line is that championships count or don't count. As a Yankee fan I'd like to know how many of the 27 championships starting in 1923 count, according to you.

    Might as well tell us for Hockey and Basketball too. I'd like to know this magic line where things count and where they don't.

    In fact in the 1970s there was only a 14 game season and no wildcard round in the playoffs. The Seahawks, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Panthers, Texans, and New Browns didn't exist. The Ravens were still the Old Browns, the Cardinals were in St. Louis, the Colts were still in Baltimore, the Titans were still the Houston Oilers... I so can't relate to that! So I say let's eliminate all those championships too. The Steelers now have 2, not 6. The Cowboys now have 3, not 5. The Dolphins now have 0 and they are no longer the only perfect team. Somebody let Don Shula know, poor guy.

    Quote Originally Posted by GentleGiant View Post
    its nice to have the history, but come on...
    Then where do you draw the line? Wherever you feel like it? History counts, or it doesn't. And if it doesn't count, then it's arbitrary. A 20 year old kid today never saw Phil Simms, Lawrence Taylor, or Bill Parcells. To him, they are ancient history. Does that mean Super Bowls XXI and XXV don't count? Most people would tell you to shove it. Is there an expiration date on a championship? History is not relative, it is fact.
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