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    There's no such thing as a fluke. They won it all . What they did after is irrelevant. They beat the supposedly better NFL team. The steelers beat the supposedly better NFL 4 times( despite you saying theyre bad).MS even said that he felt the AFL didn't get good until the 70s so he likely disagrees with you( although I feel the AFL was always as good). You can't find a point so you just try to dumb down every AFL team. Quit it. Don't accuse me of making excuses then go off and make an excuse for every AFC SB win. The niners have 5 but they were AAFC first. I guess all five of those were flukes too?

    Just 1 AFL SB win proves my point.

    Just admit that you're NFC bias. Tell me that Im wrong for saying the old championships don't compare but then tell me which AFL SBs were legit based off your own stupid biased opinion? Pathetic.
    If I follow your way of thinking, an NFL Champion was not quite legitimate until it had absorbed the best teams of the AAFC and then merged with the AFL... so legitimate champions debuted with the SB era.
    Well, you never answered my question posed many posts back...
    What about the years that the WFL existed? They had legitimate NFL talent, Herschel Walker, Jim Kelly, and many others... so by your own standards, a truw NFL Superbowl champion was tarnished in those years.
    Now, how about this... The Canadian Football league existed well before the SB era. It has had some excellent players, such as Hall of Famer Warren Moon, and Doug Flutie, and many other NFL worthy athletes have been playing in the CFL every year that there has been an NFL SB Champion. So, even NOW we do not have a legit champ and we'll have to merge with the CFL for a legit Champ.
    I think I'm totally disillusioned and have finally figured it out. The NFL has always been, and will always be a sham.
    Thank you for opening all of our eyes with your logic.
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