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    Nice to see Tuck playing well again

    Good for Tuck. With JPP and Tuck coming from the ends this Defense looks so much better. I would also send J Williams more often, he has real good speed to get around the blockers on delayed blitzes.

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    Re: Nice to see Tuck playing well again

    Defiantly a plus to see Tuck trying and succeeding when playing

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    Re: Nice to see Tuck playing well again

    I'm not going to get too excited about him showing up for one game this season.
    Emperor Tom

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    Re: Nice to see Tuck playing well again

    Yesterday was the first game since week two where I didn't see Tuck wincing in pain or limping off the field. 6 QB pressures and two passes batted down to go with his sack. Pressure like we saw versus the Jets covers up alot of the weakness we have in the secondary.

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    Re: Nice to see Tuck playing well again

    apparently, he and Coughlin had a heart to heart on Thursday or Friday, that also really inspired him.

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    Re: Nice to see Tuck playing well again

    So love to see my man Tuck back into a good form. Alot of people on these boards were quick to bash him for poor performance........HE WAS INJURED!!!!! He might have consulted a Dr. and figured out the neck injury wasnt a career killer and taken a pain shot inorder to play. Whatever he did I like it and we do NEED him for our playoff run. The guy earned his Captains patch to wear it and now has solidified why he wears it. I never crashed down on him the way some people on here did and i never will!Lets killem all and let the paramedics sortem out.

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    Re: Nice to see Tuck playing well again

    Tuck also seems to be healthy....he might be getting well at the right time...if he returns to being a beast then offenses will have to do a lot of 3 step drops, because they will be eaten alive by JPP and Tuck,

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    Re: Nice to see Tuck playing well again

    But for Justin Tuck, none of those physical issues mattered Saturday against the Jets. The Giants’ defensive captain had a conversation with Tom Coughlin earlier in the week, and he left it with a new mental approach. That showed in the 29-14 win at MetLife Stadium Saturday.

    “I just made up my mind that Im not going to be healthy this year; its not going to happen, Tuck said. But your mind can make your body do a lot of things that normally wouldnt happen when youre mentally right.

    Tuck made four tackles and registered his first sack in three weeks. Even more importantly he regularly hovered around Mark Sanchez, harassing the Jets quarterback into poor throw after poor throw.

    Tucks play set the tone for a defensive line that finally lived up to its reputation. The Giants sacked Sanchez five times, hit him six times and piled up seven tackles for a loss. So dominant was the pass-rushing group that wideout Victor Cruz said the players got to the QB better than they have all year.

    “He didn't miss a snap, and he went hard, Coughlin said of Tuck. He prepared himself to play and he changed his outlook and demeanor. He got very positive. He decided not to be concerned with the little nicks that he had that were very bothersome to him. He decided to go the other way with them and basically ignore them, and that is ow he played.

    Tuck credited the new approach to his coach. Last Sunday, safety Antrel Rolle ripped into unnamed teammates for not practicing with nicks and bruises, and a few days after that, Coughlin met with Tuck. The coach and player talked of legacies and the future, and the conversation made Tuck reconsider the toe, the neck, the ankle, the groin.

    I think he challenged me to lead this team, Tuck said. And I did a good job of responding.

    I respect Coach Coughlin a lot, he added. You start thinking about your legacy.”


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    Re: Nice to see Tuck playing well again

    [quote user="NWKEffectElement"]I'm not going to get too excited about him showing up for one game this season.[/quote]

    I don't know why people still favor the "Tuck is suddenly a lazy, soft, bad player after 4 pro bowl quality season in the NFL" story over the "Tuck has been playing injured all year and will return to form" story.

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    Re: Nice to see Tuck playing well again

    We all know Tuck is not going to be 100% healthy the rest of the year. But it was clear some of his injuries have improved to put in that incredible performance. 6 QB pressures in one game doesn't happen very often.

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