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Thread: worse case scenario mock

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSabbath View Post
    Okafor / Fluker

    I've been seeing Brown as a mid to late 2nd round guy so until I know for sure where he's grading, I don't want to say take him in the first. Here's an article I read earlier.


    "Brown is currently slotted to go late in the second or early in the third round."

    If we could land Okafor in the first and Brown in the 2nd, I'd moonwalk for a week.

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    In this case I would go for Teo

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    Okafor, Rhodes, Fluker, or Brown...

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    teo, okafor, rhodes in that order.
    Because he's got no knees and I know how to type.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway Blue View Post
    In this case I would go for Teo
    what are the chances he actually turns out to be a stud middle LB? and if the FO likes him as aplayer are they willing to look past the whole character issue thing?

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    The X-Man! Rhodes. I liked okafor good against the run too, but in the senior bowl couldn't get around one of the top tackles fisher during drills. Prince and Rhodes, on the outside. Though i think Webby still has one good season left. Hosley slot.

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    Cooper..I know you disagree from another thread

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    It's not even close. Xavier Rhodes. Our best CB is Prince and he doesn't seem like a lock to start 16 games. After that it's freaking Webster.
    Also Warmack isn't going top 10. A guard never goes in the top 10. DeCastro was the best guard prospect in forever and he went 20 something. This forum completely overvalues guards.

    Would I take Chance at 19? Sure depending if other guys aren't there but please top 10?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    Trufant over Rhodes..??
    I'm going out on a limb. It could be a weak limb! Trufant impressed many all week at Senior Bowl practice plus in the game. I think he will be neck and neck with Rhodes coming out of the combine. Reading current evaluations Trufant's negative category has fewer check marks than Rhodes. I like Rhodes but I think Trufant is a bad a!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiantPride13 View Post
    Couple come to mind.

    Okafor DE Texas
    Fluker OL Alabama
    T'eo LB Notre Dame
    Trufant CB Washington
    Cooper G/C UNC
    I like Trufant also but I think we are in a minority.

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