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    In your opinion, what is the position this team is most desperate for in the draft?

    Personally I think OL is the most desperate (Eli has been working voodoo in the pocket to avoid getting sacked and making our piss poor OL look better than it really is, and with a competent OL that voodoo could be put to better use scoring touchdowns), but LB is a close second...

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Veteran ELI_HOF_NYG's Avatar
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    LB..we have wiffed many times and really need a LB or two of the future.

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    Def OL first and line backers as always and now it looks like we need another DE

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELI_HOF_NYG View Post
    LB..we have wiffed many times and really need a LB or two of the future.

    LB all the way

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    DT then OL

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    I want a good LBer as much as anybody but to be practical I think we are in dire need of a RT

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    I say ....O line.

    I don't think its our #1 need if we are talking about the old NFL. But its a new game. The rules have made it almost impossible to play defense in this league.
    We saw a very good SF defense get torched by Baltimore. You can't reroute WR's. You can't hit them after they catch the ball. You can't touch the QB in any place other than the mid section. You have running QB's who aren't treated as runners by refs on the sidelines...etc....

    In the new NFL you gotta score points in bunches and hold on for your life on defense.
    That said, we need to protect Eli to the max. to keep his confidence (and therefore productivity) at a high level.
    "Typical Morehead!"..................and he didn't even mean that as a compliment..

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    No Beatty? LT
    Resign Beatty or other starting Lt? Then DL

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    DE.......keep the pass rush magic going.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slipknottin View Post
    No Beatty? LT
    Resign Beatty or other starting Lt? Then DL
    This ... more specifically, a DT. I think the cutting of Canty all but guarantees that a DT is going to be one of our first three picks.

    OL (past a starting LT prospect) and LB has never been a priority for the Giants and I doubt that will change this year. DT, CB, DE all being areas we need to address.

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