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Thread: In your opinion, what is the position this team is most desperate for in the draft?

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    Middle LB
    Strong Side LB

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kruunch View Post
    This ... more specifically, a DT. I think the cutting of Canty all but guarantees that a DT is going to be one of our first three picks.
    I disagree. Jerry Reese has spent 2 high round picks in the last 3 years in DT's. To me that counters any guarantee that we make it 3 in the last 4. I wouldn't rule it out, but it would confirm that JR sees no upside left in Marvin Austin. Which would suck.

    O Line is our biggest need and Warmack is still the ultimate prize. With that said, I could easily see the first 2 picks being a CB and LB in no particular order.

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    I'll go in this order: LB Oline CB
    2017 Draft Wishlist:
    1. Christian McCaffrey RB Stanford
    2. Raekwon McMillan ILB Ohio State
    3. Roderick Johnson OT Florida State
    4. Jordan Leggett TE Clemson
    5. Ryan Glasgow DT Michegan
    6. Chad Kelly QB Ole Miss
    7. Billy Brown WR Shepherd

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