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Thread: Ahmad Bradshaw On David Wilson

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    Ahmad Bradshaw On David Wilson


    Excerpt: Ahmad Bradshaw has done a considerable amount of talking since being released by the New York Giants a week ago. His future is often part of the conversation, of course. Another topic has been asked about is the man who will replace him as the starting running back with the Giants -- 2012 first-round pick David Wilson.

    "He is a great talent," Bradshaw said on "NFL AM." "He is lightning fast. A lot of his talent comes from his speed, how quick he is. If he can stay focused, he will be very good asset to the Giants just with his speed and what he brings to the game."

    There were many questions from the fan base during the 2012 season about why Wilson's role in the offense was limited in 2012. He carried the ball only 71 times and barely sniffed the field during a two-game stretch where Bradshaw -- with Andre Brown out -- carried 57 times in two games." Read more...
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    as Reese said....ready or not here he comes.....
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    Not bitter at all, just shows once again that Bradshaw is a class act and a true Giant

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    i love me some bradshaw.

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    Will miss Bradshaw prob my favorite Giant of last two Super Bowls.

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    i stand in the few that was never a fan of Bradshaw, no disrespect intended,

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    Bradshaw is a damn athletic role model. His heart, strength, ambition, fight, class and determination makes him one of the best Giants ever. I am glad he is not starting for the Giants anymore his prime is over. But damn proud he built his career with the Giants. Wouldn't mind him on the team, as a depth guy. But I also thinks he deserves a bigger role than that and wish him well on another team say Cardinals or even Buffalo.

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    Bradshaw has been one of my favorite giants injured or not injurured, ****ty or not.

    Will always remember him for this:

    One of the nicest stiff arms I've seen in the modern day NFL.

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    bradshaw was a warrior for us


    2015 season tbd

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