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    Why is Webster still on this team?

    Webster's performance this year took a nosedive especially toward the end of the season. His salary numbers are ridiculous, he's getting paid like a top CB in the league. It doesn't seem to make sense

    Does the staff see something in his game that they think he'll be able to bounce back? Are they trying to get him to take a pay cut and its taking time to negotiate?

    What are some other possibilities as to why nothing has been announced about his status with the team?

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    Because the Giants are short on CB's and the ones they do have, haven't shown the ability the stay on the field through the course of a season.
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    if Webster continues his decline, we won't win 9 games next season. As long as he's on the field, he's a liability. That money could be used elsewhere and let a young guy start or bring in a vet CB.

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    With the dearth of experienced CBs they have little choice at the moment.

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    Because hes the best corner on the team....

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    Contract year for him. This is his prove it year if he wants another contract

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    because we can't go into the season with Prince and Hosely as the only corners on the team...do u want Tryon starting? I don't

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    Webster had a down year....but he wasn't alone. There was no pass rush, and the opponents were running all over the Giants all game. When you can't get to the QB, and you can't stop the run, it makes things extremely difficult on a CB.

    I also think Fewell regressed this year. In 2011, he simplified his schemes, and was more physical....he should have kept that approach in 2012.
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    Because he's one of the better CBs in the league.

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    Because when he went to catch the bus it blew right by him

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