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    Compensatory Picks for 2013?

    Hey guys, I was checking out the mock draft section and one poster mentioned a comp pick for the loss of A.Ross. That got me thinking about this subject because my knee-jerk reaction was that we probably wouldn't receive any this year due to a couple factors...

    Here's how it looks

    Aaron Ross - signed 3 year / 15 mil contract; but only started 9 games
    Mario Manningham - signed 2 year / 10 mil contract; started 10 games
    Jon Goff - signed 1 year minimum deal; IR before season started

    Martellus Bennett - signed 1 year / 1.8 mil contract; started 16 games
    Stevie Brown - claimed off waivers / minimum deal; started 11 games
    Sean Locklear - signed 1 year / vet minimum deal; started 10 games credit to shane4177

    So, is it within reason that we receive a comp pick? Maybe. If we do I don't expect it being higher than a 6th, but I wouldn't be surprised if we didn't get one at all. If anyone can think of a free agent that we picked up other than Brown and Bennett let me know.

    By the way, the NFL determines comp picks based on an inequity of free agents lost vs. gained, but contract value and playing time are heavily considered in the decision. Some kind of elaborate equation is used.
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