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    Unpredictable Giants Preparing For Pro-Days, NFL Combine, 2013 NFL Draft


    Excerpt: "The 2013 NFL Draft is two months away. The combine is viewed more now than ever. What gets pseudo-ignored is the NCAA Pro Days beginning in just a few weeks.

    There is an entire schedule for more than 125 schools in the nation. Yeah, the New York Football Giants will send their scouting department to a few of them, but their job has been done for the most part. Discussing character as well as physical attributes and fit into the blue system are a part of them attempting to build a model of a draft board.

    For decades, the Giants have been hush about any moves they’d possibly make. This includes draft prospects. Speculations and mock drafts (while fun for some) show that most talking heads are way off. There is never a way to predict what a private team is going to do – even based on past moves or current “needs.” What you or I (or the ”expert” pundits) believe the franchise is lacking is not always the case as far as the front office is concerned.

    Last week, former Big Blue offensive lineman Luke Petitgout confessed that the Giants know what they’re doing as far as letting players go. Well, then it’s gotta be the same thing as far as who remains in uniform: the Giants know what they’re doing and who they have, and consequently when it’s deemed time for them to step up.

    As for these college visits, the team will travel to some, but also have prospects come in as well as visit them privately. Don’t think for one moment that these possible draftees haven’t been pre-viewed on tape, in games, for the last few years. Every one of their games has been an audition. There are also the few favorites of blue over the years (Boston College, for one obvious reason) where they keep connections." Read more...
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    The NFL offseason is a very exciting time for fans. No other pro sport comes close.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jomo View Post
    The NFL offseason is a very exciting time for fans. No other pro sport comes close.
    agreed. You can combine the MLB, NHL and NBA drafts, and they still cant measure up to the NFL draft when it comes to fan and media coverage.

    I think part of that also is because baseball, hockey and basketball have the minor league and developmental leagues/overseas leagues. Either you get drafted or signed as an UDFA in the NFL, or you can go play for the CFL or Arena League.

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    The NFL draft is definitely the best thing ever but the MLB offseason can also be very exciting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovereign View Post
    The NFL draft is definitely the best thing ever but the MLB offseason can also be very exciting.
    ...MLB off season isn't near what football is...at this point in time it isn't even what it used to be years ago....teams would go to offseason meeting and come out and announce huge trades....off season now is more of a process......it used to all happen in a week
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