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    dont forget, we could franchise either of the 3, and then work out a long term deal that negates the would be potential franchise cap hit...iirc its how we ensured we could keep jacobs through the FA period so that an actual long term deal could be reached, and the franchise cap hit # was ultimately never met
    True... the franchise tag can also be used to strategically extend negotiations on a longer term deal during free agency. Good Point.

    I would imagine though that the team can't lowball the longer term contract too much because the player still has the choice to sign the franchise tag offer and take more money 100% upfront for 1 year. Beatty had been making less than $1 million per year on his previous contract. All of a sudden, you'd give him a chance to sign almost $10 million in guaranteed money for one year? That long term contract better have some $$ to outweigh that. I just don't think he's a top Tackle in the league to warrant a franchise tag in my opinion.
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