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Oh I know who he meant. Its just that the author is an idiot. To bring up the Pro Bowls is nonsense. He was a substitute in all 3 when other QB's didn't want to go.
Its just ridiculous. Bringing up Edwards record for God's sake? He was a good assistant coach and not a very good HC. But he played in the league a long time and had success both as a player and a coach. he obviously knows a heck a lot about the NFL. You can disagree...that's fine. But to tell fans (none of whom every won a single game in the NFL as a HC or assistant, including this writer) that his record as a HC disqualifies him from commenting on current players is rather ......."Cultish".
Eli was only an alternate last year.

I wasn't old enough to really remember Herm play (I was 9 or 10 when he retired), but I do agree you can't necessarily point to a player's career as a negative about their analysis. However, I think you can look at their coaching credentials to a certain degree.

You should also drop the cult thing; it's just inflammatory and doesn't do anything positive for a discussion topic that is difficult enough already to keep civil.