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I'm getting more than a little tired of people implying that there is something wrong with those of us who defend Eli!
I'm not drinking some kind of "Eli Manning is great" koolade, I simply rebutt any Eli criticism that I personally find to be unfair.
Too many members here are acting like self appointed "thread police" lately ...criticizing others for starting threads they deem unworthy of existence!
That's fine. I get that completely. I personally think the "kids table" comment made no sense at all. But clearly he was just trying to be colorful. It IS ESPN after all.
And anyone is free to defend Eli. I would defend Eli in this context because I don't think Edwards was giving Eli near enough credit. Its not the defending of Eli that bothers me at all. Its the attacks on Edwards. Its the suggestion that since he had a losing record as a HC, he has no understanding of football and is in no position to comment on current players. Its the suggestions that posters on a MB, none of whom every played or coached a down in the NFL are therefore MORE credible than this guy.
We all have our opinions and they are what they are. But I knew the reaction wouldn't be "Edwards is wrong and here's why". It was "Edwards is a scumbag and an incompetent".
Thats not really a defense of Eli at all.