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if theres one thing thats diminished over time, besides peoples memory of that NE D, its of that NE OL. That OL was and still is in some regards phenomenal. That 07 OL in particular, they really just allowed Brady to stand tall all season and face minimal pressure. its bc of that ironically that brady was no where near ready for the DL onslaught that we saw sb 42. that DL played lights out all game, but "all game" was shortened bc the offense pitched in some too...granted, woulda liked for them to score more earlier, but that redzone int and just missed opportunities werent dentrimental bc the DL took over until the O got it going. Id say both SB,s it wasnt our entire unit played lights out all game, it was that our O would help the D out when needed, and the D helped the O out when needed...
The helmet catch took away from the real story of that SB. Our pass rush. That Pats O line was invincible all season and we absolutely abused them.
I give Brady great credit because he continued to stand tall in the pocket and take a lot of hits. But he hadn't seen that kind of pressure all season.