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i agree with this 110%

Those calls were horrible and that was also a huge reason that game wasnt a blow out. our d line definitely flustered rodgers and forced him into some bad passes.

But thats why i respect rodgers so much. the way our o line played against the 49ers in the playoffs last year is the way rodgers o line plays almost all the time yet he still finds ways to keep them in the game. there is a reason he is one the most sacked qbs in the NFL. Rodgers has never in his career had a good Offensive line. And in spite of that over the last 4 years he has put up the best numbers. Stats are very misleading, but that tells you something.

Basically, the reason i think Rodgers is the best qb is because i think his circumstances are the toughest to deal with. from getting booed when he tried to replace a legend, to winning a superbowl and having one of the best seasons a qb has ever had in nfl history. There is no qb in the nfl who can have success with a bad pass blocking o line except for Rodgers. Yes Our O line has played bad at times but its no where compared to as bad as the packers. the packers bears and eagles have some of the worst offensive lines ive seen pass blocking.

this is not a rodgers vs eli thing. its more of a rodgers vs the rest of the qbs in the nfl thing. i just think he is the best right now.

I dont think rodgers has a weakness. Hes great throwing on the run. he can scramble if contain breaks down. he has one of the strongest arms and is very accurate. I dont see much weakness in his game to be honest.
You make some good points in regard to Rodgers, he is very special. Before this season, I thought he and Eli were pretty comparable but after seeing what he did this year, I would say that the only guys I would consider an overall better QB than him would be Tom Brady and maybe Peyton Manning, although I would take Rodgers over Peyton in the post season without thinking twice.Aaron Rodgers carried his team in to the playoffs this past season. However, some of the same reasons you respect Aaron so much is why I respect Eli. I think that our O line is abysmal. Granted, they are not as bad as Aaron's but they are pretty awful, it is impressive that Eli has never missed a start. We also have a bad running attack and I know folks get flustered about this from both sides of the debate so I will be cordial with it, our offensive scheme is not very friendly for him. He has made it work but he is in a system that is not set up for success. Aaron is sacked so much in large part because of his offensive line but Eli has a lower percentage completion because he has to throw so many passes away due to his horrible pass blocking O line. I can get your point about Green Bay's O line playing almost every game the way ours played against San Francisco but I counter, that if we are going to bring up the dropped passes in the playoff game against us by Aaron's receivers then we have to acknowledge how regularly that happens for Eli. NY Giants are regularly near the top or at the top of NFL for dropped passes by receivers.

I don't take it personal, part of the fun in football talk is the debate.
Very respectfully, ~Little Mikey~