I know we are strapped when it come to the cap, even with the recent cuts. If we were to lose Beatty or Booth, Clady or Vasquez would be good signings. Clady is probably a top 5 to 10 LT in the league. Vasquez may come cheaper. And I have seen a couple posters, including nycsportzfan, mention that maybe Dorsey would be a good fit at DT in our 4-3 D.

And though Byrd is a good safety, I would rather re-sign KP or Brown to go along with Rolle and Hill.

Clady and Vasquez are quite durable, but I would be just fine with Beatty and/or Boothe re-signed if at all possible. I would not mind seeing Dorsey signed at a fair/reasonable contract to add to our DT rotation.

Your thoughts?