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    Quote Originally Posted by joemorrisforprez View Post
    I would argue that the NFL wouldn't exist without the support of the fans.....and seems that they ultimately are the ones who pay.... ticket prices, PSLs, parking fees, concession prices, NFL Sunday ticket, endless commercials, etc.
    We do it because we believe it enhances our lives.
    Taking the risk with your own money, finding the marketplace and building an enterprise like the NFL is a great credit to the owners and front offices of the clubs. Especially those who were there early one, like Wellington Mara.
    The players and fans have benefited tremendously from that.
    "Typical Morehead!"..................and he didn't even mean that as a compliment..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drez View Post
    The reality of your life and that of an athlete are very different. Do you have hangers-on asking you for money all the time, including family like parents or siblings? Do you only get paid 17 weeks a year? Is the maximum earning potential of your career just a scant 4 or 5 years? Does the culture of your profession encourage frivolous spending?
    Thats why I am saying the phrase, "just trying to feed my family" is a ridiculous statement. Entertainers, athletes and pretty much any celebrity actually receive alot of freebies and it is interesting that the more you make the less you pay on things.

    The amount of money a guy makes for the 17 weeks is more than I make in a life time, even with a percentage going to an agent and etc. I agree with Toad that it is alot of mismanagement of money...and truly I have no problem with what athletes make but to use the phrase above is ridiculous.

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