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Thread: NY Giants' News: Osi Umenyiora, Andre Brown, More

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    Quote Originally Posted by JesseJames View Post
    Osi is a player who always wants more money even after he signs a contract he still wants more and he's never satisfied, now having said that I would still welcome Osi back as a situational pass rusher if he will only stop asking for money.
    Osi had a point with his contract its very rare a player plays out a deal like is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nygpolishpunk View Post
    Osi declined a lot in the past few years. Yes he's still quick but offenses know how to exploit him and make him run himself out of a play.
    Declined a "lot" the past few years?

    IN 2010 he tied (with Tuck) for team lead of 11.5 sacks. In 2011 he played in only 9 regular season games and had 9 sacks. In the 2011 post season he had 2.5 sacks. And in 2012, when the entire defense decreased their sack production, he finished the season second on the team with a half sack less than JPP, with 6.

    That hardly qualifies as declining "a lot in the past few years".

    Dislike him and/or his overall attitude and production even, if you must. But don't rewrite historical fact in order to buttress your sour opinion of a key component of our defense the past 10 years.

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    I love Osi, but hes pushing it with this comment. Im sure his sack count does go up tho when he leaves NY, without a doubt. Its gonna be a great signing for someone, and Im gonna miss him.

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    I stopped fighting my inner demons. We're on the same side now.

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    I have no problem with any person doing what they can to pump their value in the market.
    I also have no problem with the Giants swiftly moving in another direction. The time is right and it's just business.We need to seriously upgrade our DL and can't do that as easily with him still in our rotation.
    No one remembers who came in second.

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