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Ive been saying it for the past couple of years, but now IMO is the time to do so.

#1 - I would like to get someone capable of playing behind Eli if God forbid, the injury happens. And the way we are handling our OLine this days, it doesnt seem like a far fetched idea that Eli will be hit hard and often in the next few seasons. It was relivant with Diehl out there and Coughlin still having trust in him. Beatty? Boothe? Locklear? All could be gone. Snee is getting long in the tooth. If we have Carr behind Eli I really think we have 0 chance to win. But if we get a reliable young backup later in the draft we may be able to do something.

#2 - He could learn behind Eli for a few years. Like Rodgers did with Favre, like a bunch of QBs do behind a Superbowl MVP QB. Pick Eli's head. Learn from the best. Then in a few years, when Eli is in his mid-late 30s and most likely slowing down, we have a future QB ready to roll.

#3 -Trade bait. I see so many teams draft a QB 3rd round or later and wind up dealin them for a ridiculous trade package due to some teams not having any idea what a true franchise QB is. Matt Cassell to the Chiefs, Kevin Kolb to the Cards, Matt Flynn to the Seahawks, and now hearing Foles will most likely get traded and bring in some good value.

Here is a list of some examples:

Landry Jones (3-4th), Jordan Rodgers (6-7th), Colin Klien (7th-UDFA)

Rodgers seems like the best pick for us, keeping our "younger brother" thing going (Manning, Moss, Barber)

Na...no reason to draft one. I think the last couple of years has proven that the QBs coming out of college don't necessarily need a few years to 'adjust' to the NFL anymore. Eli may have another 5 years. Just wait until 4 more years and analyze it then.