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    Wow, literally like 30 seconds ago the board is all over Tuck's back and suggesting he should retire.

    The only sure deal we have at DE anymore is JPP. Ojomo and Tracy are unknown quantities, Tuck is capable of being great but can also disappear and his better days are behind him. Kiwi has been switched back and forth, what, 4-5 times? And he's not exactly young either.

    Osi's out the door, 2003 draft pick. Tuck was selected in 2006 so we'd be lucky to get 2 more years out of him and his production has already declined drastically. Kiwi came in the 2007 draft.

    So by law of averages Tuck and Kiwi are already done unless they prove otherwise and we can wring 2 or 3 more years of blood out of their declining stones. So yes, time to draft another DE if there is value.
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