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Thread: Why would we draft a DEnd?

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    We lost Osi, Tuck has done nothing for 2 years, and Kiwi hasn't had a sack the entire time he played on the line in 2012. How on earth do people think the Giants' defense which but he way is predicated on a pass rush completely fine at DE?

    A linebacker won't fix that ffs. Actually if we get Mingo, Jarvis Jones or Dion Jordan then maybe, but that requires a smart DC like the one in Denver. Fewell is anything but that so it won't work.

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    So here's the thing, if he brings nothing to the dend position, he doesn't make any tackles from the linebacker position, and he definitely can't cover....y us he even on this team?? He doesn't offer us anything and he was a first round draft pic at end that doesn't play end for us and isn't even a good line backer... Why is he here??

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    He hasn't had a chance to be a full time DE for two years now. If he shows nothing this year he's also a goner.

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