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    I knew it had to end the way it did

    Ahmad the lion-hearted. Giant forever!

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    I agree.......if others shy away from his foot injuries AB will come back to the Giants for the Vet min before signing elsewhere.........he is far moe loyal to the Giants than the Giants were to him

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    20+ minutes of awesome!

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    Seeing a healthy Bradshaw with decent blocking was an absolute thing of beauty.

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    Pretty good stuff. Holding out on making mine until he for sure puts on another uniform.
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    My favorite Giant over the past few years. I sincerely hope that he comes back for less money because I think that he still brings lots of value (even with his busted feet) and leadership to this team.

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    "And they're not going to catch the rookie outta Marshall!"

    I believe that was Papa but I was watching on FOX and it was more of Kenny Albert's:

    "Ahmad Bradshaw the rookie from Marshall is going to take it 88 yards for a touchdown.."

    Man was he such a spark plug for us that year and in following. This guy played through his injuries, real tough guy.

    Will enjoy watching this

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    Thanks for the memories.....and rings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gimaniac View Post
    Thanks for the memories.....and rings
    +1. Thanks for everything Ahmad. You'll be missed. Good luck with the rest of your career. #44 Giant forever

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    O'Hara at 8:45 is one of my favorite things ever

    but damn that song got old fast.
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