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Seriously though, ask me when free agency starts. I should have a better answer for you by then. No way you can be satisfied with Webster at starting CB. It got so bad that teams were looking for where he was at and they simply abused the hell out of him.
He wasn't as bad as he was in the Baltimore game all season. I think that's the game that stands out in everyone's minds. While I think he played very poorly this past season, I do not believe that it was anything more than just a bad year. He had a broken hand early and was troubled by a hammy later in the year. And I'd still be more comfortable with Webster starting than anyone that is currently on our roster. If we can find a replacement in FA that will give us quality play and prove to be a discount on what Webster is making, then I'm all for doing what needs to be done. But, creating an even bigger hole just for the sake of clearing some cap room I am not in favor of.