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Thread: TonyT's Mock (Post Bowl, Pre-Combine, Pre-Free Agency)

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGfanSTRICK View Post
    Solid draft for sure! Brown although is mostly projected later I have 0 problems with him in the first. We could use a fast LB like that for RG3 and all the the leagues evolving offenses. Quanterus Smith could be an absolute steal, 2 and 7th are nice picks as well man
    Yes I think Brown definitely would be the type of LB that would help our D with the pistol and read option offenses. Now granted 19 may be a tad high for him. But who knows how Reese and company will have him ranked after the combine and pro days.

    Quanterus Smith needs to pack on a few lbs to play the 4-3 DE in the pros. But there would be no rush to get him on the field. Let the ACL fully heal, and learn behind our current DEs. Who knows, maybe some other team takes a chance on him in the 5th rd.

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    Yeah I like Brown and who knows how JR and the rest of the giants war room rate players. Last year almost eveyone had Doug Martin above Wilson and JR said if Tampa would have no picked him they still would have went with Wilson. I think Reese kind of likes freak athletes but have real promise with them. Not full blown Raiders Syndrome lol but JPP Wilson A.Robinson etc. it would be interesting to see what their board looks like in comparison to some of our rankings.

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    You did take one interior lineman, but no tackles?

    I'm Commander Shepard, and this is my favorite team in the NFL.

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    Hey what about, Tharold Simon in the forth? I haven't heard much of of Darius Clay, only that he played along Banks, but Simon is a big corner, physical, but lacks ability with his hands in press coverage.

    I like the rest of the picks! Unlike most people I think the Brown will rise significantly with the combine, and the value will be there at 19. We could also pick Ansah, I just think that Brown is more of an instant impact.

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