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    Question Why does no one want to take a LBer? Alec Ogletree would do WONDERS for this defense

    1:42 mark

    Speed for days, athleticism, excellent tackling fundamentals, not a liability in coverage, can blitz very well, can really LAY THE WOOD, always around the ball.... it would be a dream if we got him...
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    I for one, hope he is there for our pick at 19! We need REAL LBs on this team for a change.
    That kind of play at 1:48 is what we need!!
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    Who is saying they dont want a LB, i have seen a million people on this board say they want Ogletree

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    for me, id rather one of the top 3 rated OT if one falls to us, Fisher or Johnson would be awesome imo and our OL would be solid for protecting the edges day 1 considering we re-sign beatty...we will imo. we have brewer tho...so i wouldnt be opposed to a DL 2nd after OT. After DL, LB would be alright I guess. Ogeltree can at least rush the edge some altho if he doesnt have a good DL in front of him, hes gonna be exposed by NFL OL a lot...and he needs to add some to his frame imho as well...i just want the guy who can make the most immediate impact that warrants a selection at the place we select him lol

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    and the 1 42 mark, notice the dl kept him clean. when ol get their hands on him, he becomes ineffective

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantsfan420 View Post
    and the 1 42 mark, notice the dl kept him clean. when ol get their hands on him, he becomes ineffective
    You can say that about most LBs, That is kind of them m.o. of a DT.

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    Linebacker is good, but I agree with Reese's best player available and pass rusher usually trumps as BPA. Our defense is predicated on the pass rush first and foremost. Also, this draft is heavy on linebackers and a solid one will most likely fall to us in the second.

    Also, for an inside linebacker to be real effective you need a good defensive line. Ray Lewis was successful for so long, not only because of his ability but because he had guys like Siragusa to eat up linemen and fullbacks.
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    honestly, hes built like a wr somewhat. he'd be a beast on the edge as a 3-4 pass rushing OLB imo, not really fit for us unless we want to invest some time before using him as a mike...jwill has a lot of ogeltrees skillset

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    Quote Originally Posted by Giantslb66 View Post
    You can say that about most LBs, That is kind of them m.o. of a DT.
    eh i guess...notice not one of the highlites above involves shedding a blocker tho or something really...when OL get on him, he's done. and thats not what u want to be saying about any lb in the nfl...at the nfl level, shedding OL becomes a huge part of the job as a LB unless ur a pass defensive specialist

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    Because every position on defense has holes. I want a good LB corp but I want a CB that doesn't suck like Webster, or DE's that do something unlike Tuck. We are also thin at DT and no impact covering safeties if Phillips leaves.

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