There's a lot of talk around here about our need at linebacker and how Ogletree can be a good fit here. Personally, I like Kevin Minter from LSU better (though admittedly I haven't watched a ton of their film). Minter seems to get up in run support a little quicker and I thought he was doing a good job at getting low and making tackles. He does look a little small though.

Ogletree looks pretty good in coverage (I heard somewhere that he's a converted safety?), but sometimes looked a little sloppy against the run. I think both guys would help the defense tremendously but all else equal, I'd rather have Minter.

BTW, not a fan of Teo at all. He also looks solid in coverage but misses way too many tackles to be a legitimate consideration in my opinion.

What do you guys think? Will we go for one of these guys or wait until the later rounds?