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    I will have to say the D-line. Fewell hardly called the blitz and it seems like he does that every year. I think we only need to fix the D-ine and hope they win the battles in front of them and that will make a difference with the other positions on defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by giantyankee1976 View Post
    O-Line: Beatty, Boothe, Free Agency/ Draft and Brewer

    LB: Run-Stopper

    Cornerback: Depth
    Cutting Baas saves us 50 thousand dollars and gives us a lot of dead money for the next 2 years, He's stuck here until 2014.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sovereign View Post
    Cutting Baas saves us 50 thousand dollars and gives us a lot of dead money for the next 2 years, He's stuck here until 2014.
    but who would you replace Baas with? Like it or not he stays, but addressing the Tackles and securing younger guys for the rest of the O-Line as we move forward is important to me.

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    I say DL our defense was atrocious last year that starts up front. The OL with the exception of Diehl played pretty well last year. I think Eli was one of the least sacked Qbs in the league. Offensive lines are a unit and they get better when players stay at their positions and gel we need to get Diehl out of the mix and have our OL go to work as a consistent unit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NYGabriel View Post
    First four rounds - OL, DL, CB, and LB (in no particular order).

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    My eyes tell me we need some better LB; but, my mind reminds me that the Giants couldn't draft a slam dunk LB if their lives depended on it right now. So that might be a bust, and not worth a first rounder. OL is a big priority; but tackles are hard to judge some times. So maybe that's not the first round pick either.

    When I look back at 2012, I see a lot of 3 and 15 conversions against this defense. If we'd stopped just a handful more of those, we'd probably have made the playoffs. They were usually from lack of pressure, not poor coverage for the most part. So, as crazy as it seems to me, I have to think we're going to go with another DE in the first. DT is a possibility; but that's not what the Giants usually do.

    So my ranking of need is LB, OL, DL, and a CB for depth.

    My assessment of how the Giants will draft is: DE, WTFK, WTFK, WTFK, OL, LB, CB in that order. You figure it out.

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    Giants don't value the LB position. OL is the biggest need particularly RT if they resign Beatty. They also need to think about finding stud a DE and DT But if Chance Warmack is there when the Giants pick I don't see how you can pass on him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GentleGiant View Post
    Missionary..........it's gotten really stale!

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    there is a serious need on both O and D lines so if the team goes early for either we can't go wrong

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    Warmack won't be there. J Cooper might be.I know from other threads this is not a popular pick, but in 7 mocks on NFL/ESPN (for what they are worth), he averages 17.7 and Scouts Inc rate him # 16 best player.

    OL after draft:
    Beatty, Cooper 1st Rnd, Baas, Long 3rd Rnd, Brewer...

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