Anyone watch this? Sorry if it was already talked about but I finally got around to seeing it yesterday; had it DVR'd.

Tuna landed at #7. Thought that wasn't bad, surely there are some great coaches in NFL lore...but I had a feeling the list would be bull**** when they gave their reasons as to why he is so high: he didn't really do a lot in Dallas.

Seriously? With head case Jethro calling the shots there, you're going to pin all those foibles on Parcells? You also had that Philadelphia pinhead (Forget his name) saying that the reason why Parcells was so successful was because the Giants drafted great players.

Okay...and when he took over the Jets and Patriots, they had the same amount of standout players like the Giants had?

Whatever, let's see the rest of the list.

#6, I **** you not, Cowher! Bill "I spent over a decade with the same team and all I have to show for it is 1 Super Bowl victory" Cowher.

#5 - #4 - George Allen and Marty Schottenheimer. Guys who reversed the fortunes of the teams they coached, but were highly anemic when it came to the playoffs.

#3 Even worse, Jon Gruden!