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    Giants' Pre Combine Depth Chart


    Excerpt: "The NFL combine begins on Wednesday. With that in mind, and with both 2013 NFL Free Agency and the 2013 NFL Draft looming, here is a look at the current depth chart for the New York Giants.
    The depth chart includes the unrestricted free agents, giving you a clear idea of not only where current holes are, but the holes losing players to free agency might create.


    LWR 80 Cruz, Victor RFA 82 Randle, Rueben 12 Jernigan, Jerrel 00 Collins, Brandon 00 Adams, Kris
    RWR 88 Nicks, Hakeem 87 Hixon, Domenik UFA 13 Barden, Ramses UFA 00 Hardy, Kevin
    LT 65 Beatty, Will UFA 74 McCants, Matt 62 Ad****, Levy
    LG 77 Boothe, Kevin UFA 60 Capers, Selvish 79 Goodin, Stephen 00 DeGeare, Chris
    C 64 BAAS, DAVID 63 Cordle, Jim
    RG 76 SNEE, CHRIS 67 Mosley, Brandon 00 Jasper, Michael 00 Browning, Bryant
    RT 66 DIEHL, DAVID 75 LOCKLEAR, SEAN UFA 73 Brewer, James
    TE 85 Bennett, Martellus UFA 86 Pascoe, Bear 47 Beckum, Travis UFA 81 Robinson, Adrien 46 Donnell, Larry
    00 Childers, Jamie
    QB 10 MANNING, ELI 8 CARR, DAVID UFA 00 Painter, Curtis
    FB 45 Hynoski, Henry
    RB 22 Wilson, David 35 Brown, Andre RFA 33 Scott, Da'Rel 38 Lumpkin, Kregg UFA 41 Torain, Ryan RFA

    "
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    I'd place Locklear and brewer in front of Diehl.

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