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Last year after the draft, TE Adrien Robinson was called “the JPP of tight ends.” How has his development gone? Are his physical talents translating to improved performance? What do you see him contributing to the Giants this coming season?

No, this question is not from Eli Manning. Frankly, it’s a little difficult to gauge Robinson’s progress. Because he was completing his academic requirements at Cincinnati last spring he did not participate in most of the offseason camps and programs. That put Robinson behind the other tight ends and rookies when he reported to training camp. He was inactive for all but two regular-season games and his playing time was limited to special teams. But Robinson said the work he received in practice every day set him up to be a productive player in the future. Jerry Reese said after the season the Giants “still have high hopes” for Robinson. I do think he can contribute to the Giants in 2013, and he might have to if Martellus Bennett, who is a free agent, isn’t re-signed.