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Thread: Adrien Robinson

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    If there was someone in this draft that could be Eli's safety blanket like Witten is for Romo, I would be up for drafting them in the first. It's unbelievably doubtful that there is another guy like Witten in this draft however.

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    I think he'll be just a bench warmer, unless he does well in preseason

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    This guy is a big time 'project'. I dont think anyone knows what we'll get out of him. Definitley going to take some time.

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    Robinson shot up draft boards last year because of his raw talent but it looked like he should have stayed in college for another year. The giants have one of the best TE position coaches in the league and if he worked hard at learning the playbook, he could be ready to start this coming season. I like Bennett, but he deserves a nice payday and we honestly can't afford him right now. I'd hate to see him sell himself short. This team can afford to experiment with the TE position because we have success doing it recently so why not take a chance on Robinson.

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    if he works hard and studies hard he will make it. If he doesnt then he wont......
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