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    I didn't have to look too far, checkout the redskins game highlights from december here 2nd play in the video, they run to Osi's side, he takes a horrible angle inside and is taken out of the play by a chip block from the FB who releases and blocks someone else while Osi is trying to chase the play down from behind(typical of his play this year). On the Alfred Morris fumble, they ran to his side as well where Osi lost contain. I really would like you to look at the play at 2:32 where Osi is left unblocked, he manages to make it to the backfield untouched then freezes up as the play develops contributing nothing. Thats 3 plays in a 4 minute clip where Osi's terrible run stopping defensive ability can be seen, and this was the first video I looked at to support my argument, and there is a lot more out there.
    LOL, well I cant argue Osi didnt look too impressive here. He bit on that fake hand off bigtime, haha. But in his defense, he was dealing with Trent Williams the whole game. Hes really not half as bad against the run as these forums would lead you to believe.

    Hes made plenty of plays against the run too.

    Yeh these are highlights from his past, but his ability to play the run has been bashed on these boards for years, and for years I have defended my man Osi, and I will continue to do so
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