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    Or course he's interested in returning because nobody else is going to show any desire to sign him. I have no interest in bringing him back. He achieved nothing here.

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    I think Rivers has the size and the speed to improve our MLB position and playing there might reduce his chances for injury...

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    Bring him back real cheap. Maybe another one year contract or give him an incentive laden contract. It is hard to believe the guy has only been in the NFL for 4 years up until this point.

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    Of course the agent would say that. His job is to generate interest. I don't know whether he's worth nickles on a dollar but what his agent says now, is immaterial to the outcome.
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    Of could stay healthy i would love him to be our starting weak side backer but that is a huge "IF" the guy has been hurt his entire career and nothing has changed since he came to the Giants... I think hes just going to waste our time again

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJC7301 View Post
    Or course he's interested in returning because nobody else is going to show any desire to sign him. I have no interest in bringing him back. He achieved nothing here.
    I'm totally neutral on Rivers.....I'd grade him an "incomplete" in 2012......pretty much the grade he's had his entire pro career.

    He seems to lack field vision....basically every highlight reel that includes him is one where he is getting blindsided by someone.

    I really hope Reese isn't counting on Rivers to to productive in 2013.....but if he'll resign for cheap, fine.
    “The Giants have suffered so many injuries for so many seasons that they are now difficult to both evaluate and predict.”
    - Football Outsiders Almanac

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    I agree with the many who say its all about the money. I would absolutely keep him if he isn't too pricey. He has great talent when he is on the field. It's just so hard to believe somebody can be so unlucky that they would get injured every damn season. Unless we pick up something better, what the hell else do we have as Backers?

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    This will have to be a show me contract: show me you can stay healthy and show me you can play with the big boys. Wouldn't spend much over vet min.

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    Honestly, the Giants need a long term answer at MLB, and Keith Rivers is not that answer. The pass coverage over the middle is just awful, and once coaches started exploiting it, the defense looked terrible.

    As far as bringing Rivers in, Id rather just keep Chase, Ive seen Chase make a lot more plays, and no one has more heart. Just wish the dude could actually defend soemone in pass coverage.

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    With our lack at LB, he's worth the vet min.

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