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    Dwight Freeney at the right price? Could he fill OSI's spot?

    10 year vet. Hasn't logged much more the 5 sacks last year, but was once considered one of the best out there. One year deal and I bet it wouldn't cost a lot?


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    Osi was once considered one of the best out there too, can we please stop with the Freeney talk

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    ojomo is a better player now then freeney at half the price.
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    Freeney is a "maybe, maybe not" with the largest % going to "probably not".

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    We need younger talent at Osi's position.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ibbill View Post
    ojomo is a better player now then freeney at half the price.
    Ha ha . . . wow. What a silly statement.

    Freeney has more talent left in his pinky toe than Ojomo will ever possess.

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    I'd rather have a pass rusher who can actually play against the run.

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    Would rather go with someone in the Draft

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    I think right now we have so many DE's to play around with. Even getting another LB would be great to get Kiwi back to the DE spot.

    Freeney will ask for too much money. His best playing days are limited, and that $2.3M scam he encountered will cause him to get the most he can before retiring.
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    I would rather give Ojomo his fair chance in camp. Even if we cut Tuck, we still have legitimate starters in JPP and Kiwi. Ojomo and Tracy would be the front runners for backup/rotation roles. There has to be a reason we rolled with Ojomo as 5th DE last year even though we never used him. If Reese thought that Ojomo wasn't that good or needed more development he would have been on the PS. Something about Ojomo made Reese say that he absolutely wants to keep this kid around for the future... kinda like Robinson.

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