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Thread: John Mara Hopes Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz Are Both Giants "For a Long Time"

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoanokeFan View Post
    They will do what's right for the team, long term. I think Mara is as sincere as he can be. That doesn't mean they can get both signed. A lot depends on Nicks and Cruz and what they want and will accept.
    Yep and always both sides have to meet half way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G-Men Surg. View Post
    True and usualy when thats the case ( back loading ) the guaranteed money goes up.
    sometimes patience pays off. If Nicks were to decide he would rather negotiate after a better, more productive season it would be easier to focus on Cruz, Beatty, and Bennett.
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    4 players on this team should be Giants for life.. Eli, JPP, Nicks & Cruz.... get it done

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