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    It is still early. The draft isn't for another 2 months. The bottom could fall out at any moment.

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    The free agency period doesn't offiicially begin until March 12(?), so expect much more quiet until then.

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    Need some new awkward off-season pics from Eli, that'd tide everyone over.

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    I Have a Yorkie and she's cute too....
    But my cute Yorkie would shred you if you tried to do that to her!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GentleGiant View Post
    Holy crap this offseason has only been on for a bit and its already more quiet than last year. No crap about bounty scandals or Jonathan Vilma. Nothing about Andrew vs RG3 in the draft. And THANK THE LORD nothing about Tebow in New York. Just a nice quiet offseason.
    Not that the NFL has not tried to create a soap opera. Fans are sick of their crap.example

    Has the circus set up in Pittsburgh?Sherman feels disrespected by Revis,More likely to be traded: Revis or Harvin?Report: Jets will try to trade Tebow

    What a bunch of crap lmao
    Bill Loyal to the NYG logo

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    I really am feenin' for some NFL drama/dirt though.....As long as it doesn't concern the Giants, it's all good...

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    I'm about to make some noise up in this b****

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    the calm before the storm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Die-Hard View Post
    The free agency period doesn't offiicially begin until March 12(?), so expect much more quiet until then.
    THEN... just like a DUBSTEP the BASS will drop and the news stories will go crazy.... following Manti and his lover. Ogletree's alcohol abuse... etc

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    the thing is even though people have been but and hopefully we get some guys back, we still havent done anything to change what we had last year yet. Once we can start doing that is when we can judge off season.

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