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Don't know about that. It's a nice 'tough love' concept that is kind of awesome in a vacuum, but you have to think of how it will affect the rest of the locker room. It's a little different situation for Nnamdi and the guys you've mentioned. You're talking about guys who have only played with the Giants vs a hired gun who has failed to meet expectations. I think the ultimatum works with Nnamdi because the eagles paid for the best CB in the league (tied with Revis at the time of the signing) and he's been far from that.
correct. I understand what your saying and there is no comparison as u said to Nnamdi and those 3. However in general there are lots of current Giants that are living on stats and things they did years ago. You can't rest on your laurels and there comes a time in every NFL players career that they are no longer worth what they think they are. The 3 I mentioned as well as Tuck, (Osi contract voiding was smart, he was one of them) and some others need to take less or move on