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Thread: Carter Mock 5.0

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    We wont go LB first round. Its probably going to be OL or CB unless someone falls who Reese cannot resist on the DL. 2nd Will probably be where we select a LB but I would prefer CB 1st OL 2nd LB 3rd or 4th. I like this mock though. Fluker would be great for Wilson and Greene in the 2nd would be a solid first day for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ELI_HOF_NYG View Post
    I just see no way the giants go OL in the 1st unless one of the studs falls to us, they place to much value on defense where at our pick there should be some juicy talent available. maybe it's just me but this draft seems pretty deep at OL. we should find value in later rounds. it's gonna be CB/LB/DE/DL. greene is nice but I am hoping for arthur brown, or a shocker, ogeltree.
    i agree. the talent drop off from the top 3 OT/OL prospects to the tier beneath isn't that great...even further, the drop off from fluker to other RT/OT prospects is like slim to none. id be kinda pissed at taking fluker bc we could find a guy in the 3rd who may not be as good but also has the potential to be a LT...we have brewer dont forget, so if Warmack falls Id much rather him and Snee setting pockets for Eli to step into

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carter.525 View Post
    1st- DJ Fluker, OT Alabama- Mauler! David Wilson will love running behind this guy

    2nd- Khaseem Greene, LB Rutgers- A 3 down LB.. will look nice in the 3 saftey set with JWill.

    3rd- Brian Winters, G Kent St- another piece for the o-line, he just seems like a Giant type player

    4th- Will Davis, CB Utah St- secondary help, Davis would be a steal in the 4th

    5th- Jordan Hill, DT Penn St- I have no faith in Marvin Austin

    6th- Joe Kruger, DE Utah- 6'8 280.. I'll take him

    7th- Jake Stoneburner, TE Ohio St- taking a late round flyer on a TE
    I like everything but Fluker.. Fluker reminds me of a bust waiting to happen.. Hes to "plodding" for me, and seems to take plays off, and was the only one i really noticed on that bama Oline getting taken advantage of becuase hes not fast enough and has heavy feet.. I know hes powerful and if he gets his hands on u, ur gonna have a tough time, but i feel even guys with marginal speed will be able to take advantage of Flukers heavy feet and overall lack of speed..

    I absoutley love Khaseem Greene, Brian Winters, and Jordan Hill.. I like Will Davis as well, but soured a bit with his performance at Sr Bowl.. Hes not that physical a player.. I'd much rather Leon McFadden, Darius Slay, Jamar Taylor, albeit, i don't know if Slay or Taylor will be on board in 4th.. But McFadden might be, and i'd take him over Davis at this point..

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