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Thanks for the video. He would make a great mid round selection for us and we could have a solid S corp with Brown, Hill, and Thomas. Never liked the value we've been getting from Rolle so I'd be all for getting another S in this draft because I don't see KP sticking around and don't think you can rely on TT to even make the conversion with his health. I also watched the short news clip about his family situation and it seems to be a rare thing to find small DBs without character issues these days lol.Anyway, I'm sold.
Yeah no problem man. I think he could make a big special teams contribution his rookie year and he could be play a rolle-esque role being in the box a lot in certain sets. Brown, Hill, Thomas with some new LBs in front of them and a new CB would do wonders for our DL I think. They would get more 1 on 1 maychups and we would have a more rounded defense I think personally.