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Thread: Almost-Post combine Mock 2/26

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    Almost-Post combine Mock 2/26

    This is pre-DB workout but I'm not sure it matters.

    1st Round - Star Lotulelei - DT (Utah):
    A talented D-Line draft exacerbates Star's glaring negative - Health. It's never a good sign when a 'big guy' has a heart condition. This news is so new that nobody has a clue as to how far he will drop. As a position of need and a talent that you just can't pass up at 19th, Jerry Reese solidifies the NYG d-line.

    2nd Round - Dallas Thomas - OT/G (Tennessee):
    Despite not working out at the combine, Dallas Thomas is still one of the top interior lineman in this draft. He fits the range according to positional value and talent. Thomas also fits the NYG power blocking scheme and excels in pass coverage.

    3rd Round - Devin Taylor - DE (South Carolina):
    Freakish measurables but his low production will scare teams off. High enough upside to be a 2nd day pick. Will flourish when surrounded with our stable of DE's.

    4th Round - Kevin Red**** - LB (North Carolina):
    Great size and good enough production. Isn't an elite athlete but is still a bargain in the 4th. Might not start from day one but has 3 down potential.

    5th Round - Brian Winters - OG (Kent State):
    Good value, but still fits the range. Scheme fit, great size. Not much else to say. 5th round picks are rarely day one starters but Winters could be the exception to the rule.

    6th Round - Brandon McGee - CB (Miami):
    Has good size, but under-performed at the U. Could develop.

    7th Round - Mike James - RB (Miami):
    Great size/speed, but under-performed in 2012. Fills our need of more powerful backs to spell David Wilson.

    So I already expect everyone to jump on me about the first pick, but I really think it could drop him out of top 10 consideration based on how well Floyd and Richardson performed in workouts.

    Also, as with my previous mock, I want to break the mold a bit. My last mock draft from January had Arthur Brown as our 19th overall pick - which was far ahead of his projected range. Today, he has a very good chance of being the top inside backer in this draft.
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    I'd take it. I have the same picks at 2, 3 and 4 in mine so I guess I can't really complain. I still really want Knile Davis but I've been mocking him as a 6th round pick all this time. After the combine, his stock has probably gone way up.

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    If Star drops to us in the first, that will mean that he has a serious heart condition, so no thanks.

    I have no interest in players with "freakish measurables" and low performance, unless there is some explanation for the poor performance like they haven't played football for more than a few years (like JPP and Ansah).

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    My concern with this mock is that you chose a lot of guys who either didn't perform at the Combine or underperformed.

    And obviously the medical concern around your first pick.

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