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Thread: Manti Te'o in a Giants uniform?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheEnigma View Post
    Te'o seems like a cool dude but he has 3-4 written all over him.
    I agree, and think ultimately he may translate to a 3-4 ILB. He definitely needs to have a great pro day now to lift some of the doubts on his skills.

    As for the whole catfishing thing, I would not consider that a red flag compared to other players who have done worse things(arrests, failed drug tests).

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShakeandBake View Post
    At 19, no thanks.
    ^ this.. no way is he a 19th overall pick. At least not in my book. Id take a 3 down LB in the first, which I dont think he is. If he was around for us in the 2nd then I'd bite, but I have a feeling someone will pick him up by then. Im guessing he's an early 2nd rounder. We def need a LB in this draft, but I see us taking someone else at 19.
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    ND fan my whole life, I would love to see Te'o in Blue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GiantsSB23 View Post
    “We’re more interested in what kind of football player he is than anything else,” said Reese, who drafted a character risk in corner Jayron Hosley a year ago. “We’ll investigate it and we’ll see how it goes.”

    If Te'o I still available by the time they get to pick 19 I think he'll be a Giant and I don't disagree because we need a linebackers badly!!
    I see no way that we draft Teo at 19.

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    Teo's stock dropped like a rock at the combine and on this board as well. most guys were all over Teo a few weeks ago and now he's looking more like a 3rd rounder....

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    Hosely might have been a risk but he had the athleticism to warrant the pick. Te'o isn't a 1st round talent in my opinion, maybe he'll prove us wrong...

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    Te'os pathetic performance in the National Championship game coupled with a mediocre at best combine performance leaves me with the opinion that Te'o in a Giant uniform would be nothing to be excited about!

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    If we take teo in the first i will be beyond infuriated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rudyy View Post
    Eh..this was his moment to prove people wrong from his bad play in the BCS title game and he looked very very average.
    Before my post: "Hello all my giants fans, have been a lurker on most giants boards including this one for some time now and am excited about the upcoming draft and the season. can't with to mix it up with some of you non-professional draft gurus."

    Note: not that I am a big fan of T'eo, especially at #19 overall, still "you cannot base a 4 year collegiate career off of one BCS title game; Mayock has gone on to say that the whole ND team in general looked horrible against Alabama." This is the general consensus amongst posters who only look at the nationally televised bright light games vs the people who do their homework with any player.

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    Zero chance IMHO

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