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I could definitely see him playing that safety role that Rolle plays but I, like Deion think that he can play on the outside. Look at Cortland Finnegan, Brent Grimes, and Janoris Jenkins. Those are all sub 5'10 175-190lbs CBs that not just made the NFL, but are also some of the better corners in the league. Like those three, Mathiue is very scrappy but he has elite ball skills and turnover ability that cannot be taught and doesn't come along very often. Some players are just impact football players that, although may not have the desireable size or speed, have those intangibles that make them great football players. Mathiue is case A.
as a pure play maker I think a lot of teams are gonna regret not taking a chance on him. what if he really has turned it around? he is small, no question, but he can flat out go after the ball. he has ed reed like ball skills always around the football which is good in football, lol.