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    Dont forget, no true top 10 QB/Trade back best route?

    that means there will be qbs that are gonna be taken around picks 10-20 imo and if a team takes geno smith lets say at 16 or something (dunno whose picking just a random number), and then we're up and barkleys available with a team behind us who desperately needs a QB...we could trade back, and acquire more 2nd/3rd rd picks.
    Ever sine the end of the season, with this whole cruz tender 1rst rd pick issue and just bc of the depth of talent this class, i wondered getting more quality picks would be preferable considering the # of holes.
    now with the combine, and a ton of guys outside the top 20 lets say making pushes for serious consideration for 1rst rd and early at that too, imo the first 2 and a half rds are gonna be chock full of guys who might not be the best of the class, but solid players nonetheless...

    this class is kinda unique bc its the first 1 in a while where a bunch of random guys could be picked at any point and it'd make sense. remember last yr when the seahawks took irving and ppl went huh??? thats nothing compared to this season imo.

    so we could end up getting 1rst rd talent up to and including the 3rd rd, similar to last yr...if ogeltree/a qb is there at 19, maybe we trade and get 2 2nd rd picks and 2 3rd rd picks, and then get 2 ol 2 dl, or a lb and whatever combo floats ur boat...
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