Can someone explain to me why the Yankees have decided to put crap on the field this season. For the 1st time in 20 years we go into a Season with no shot at winning a World Series. I didn't renew my ticket package this season. If Hal isnt going to put the best team on the field then im not paying that price for tickets. This team gets older and older with no injection of young talent. I get they want to reduce payroll but what happens when they do. Are they just going to go with a bare bones roster and sign every FA in 1 offseason U cant build a team like that.
I dont understand why Yankee fans are punished because Hal gave Arod a stupid contract that no 1 would of gave him. The majority of Yankee fans wanted him gone when he opted out. WTH are they doing at catcher are catchers are the worst in baseball. How are the Yanks scoring runs this season? They may be buried in May with Granderson out. I think this team could finish in last place in the AL East. Please someone tell me why this team will be better next year either as well. They dont want to spend money anymore . I wonder how Jeter and MO feel about their last seasons spent on a team that cant win for the 1st time in his career. Mo will retire they decided to let Soriano go which was fing stupid.