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Greene is really a Will only... and I believe the giants want J Will as a starter there. Minter at least is an inside backer.

But I dont particularly like Minter.... Or Greene for that matter
Unless we want Reese to gamble on a late pick again (which we've all been screaming at him not to for once), the only real prospects that are worth mentioning at ILB (and that we could realistically get at 19) are Minter, Te'o, and Ogletree. From left to right there is a gain in athletic ability as well as a gain in mental instability...Minter is the only one of the three that doesn't have personal or criminal issues going on. Te'o I'd be willing to roll with if the staff was clear that his episode with the whole girlfriend thing won't affect him as a Giant (and if we end up picking him, then that is vindication enough for me). But please, no Ogletree. I don't want a cancer in our locker room... This guy can't ever stay on the straight and narrow, and will make a poor Giant as a result...