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    SF won this trade by a landslide. The fact Alex Smith has never shown anything until Jim Harbaugh showed up would have scared me personally from pursuing him.
    You are damn right they did. I can't argue on how good he is but you hit the nail on the head. If you look at the external factors I would have offered a 5th and thats it.

    SF is in a bad cap situation like us. 3m over the cap right now and they have Gholdson and Walker as UFAs. They couldn't afford to pay a backup 7m.

    Alex is a good guy but a player with his skill set on the bench would have caused an issue. If Kaep had a bad game or two the fan base would be clamoring for Alex.

    Alex only has 1 year left on his deal. A high second rounder for a 1 year rental is just bad.

    The Chiefs second rounder is the first pick in the second round. Given the way the draft timing and pay scale works it is more valuable than the last 4 picks of the first round. The first few picks of the seocnd round are trade gold and can easily leveraged for #1 the next year.

    Andy Reid was fired from Philly mostly for his really bad personell decisions. Giving him full control like they did was really stupid.

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    Well at least Reid is keeping up with KC's tradition of trading high for average quarterbacks. The team also sent a 2nd to the Pats for Matt Cassel.

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