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    Are there teams we could trade out of the first round with?

    I'm really getting the feeling that there's nothing really good that the Giants team needs that really works at #19. Ansah, Johnson, Rhodes, and Richardson will likely be gone (though I would snag any of those in a heartbeat if one of them happened to fall), Fluker and Minter are reaches in the first, I can't really see us taking Eifert in the first even if Bennett walks (JR would give his "JPP of Tight Ends" a chance to shine before taking a TE in round 1), Te'o is a mess mentally and Ogletree is a flat out cancer that we shouldn't even be THINKING of signing. #19 is just really an awkward position for us. Could we maybe find one of the first 6-7 teams to pick and trade our #19 pick for their 2nd (#33-40) and 4th? (or whatever equivalent value the #19 pick brings)
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